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Trailering services between the UK & Belguim, Luxembourg, Northern France, Holland & Germany

Building Goods from Europe

British run flat trailer fleet ready to load in Northern Europe. Lister International Ltd has over 100 Flat trailers and Lift Flats (Lancashire Flats) ready to load your large volume and sometimes heavy goods from; Northern Europe, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Northern France. We can place one or as many trailers as you need from our modern fleet of Flat trailers, that can be ready to load with reasonable notice. Bringing building products from the factories, mills and warehouses of Belgium to the British Building industries’ door – direct on site.

Extra long building sections

Sectional building panels from suppliers in Belgium, Holland and France. Moving long building panels can be a major problem, but with Lister Internationals’ expertise and experience in this area your panels will be transported to site efficiently every time.

15 metre panels overhang our standard 13.6 mtr trailers but we have moved many of these panels, with a secured marker board, correctly on our standard fleet.

Additional care is always taken at loading to ensure long board markers can be securely placed on the load without damage, and that the factory has suitably prepared the load for its journey to site in the UK.

Bricks, block and paving

Our fleet of 9 Metre flat lift platforms are perfect for the transportation of dense heavy cargo such as high density chipboard or bricks. These clever platforms can be shipped ready for use on the continent in stacks of 5 to save ferry charges. Then they are destacked and sent for loading. Loads of bricks delivered to the building site on these smaller flats are both versatile and cost effective.

Ask for a quote now to move your next 400 tonnes of bricks for transportation to the United Kingdom.

Steel Section, Tube or Sheet

Moving Steel to and from Europe and in particular from the steel mills of Belgium and Holland is not a problem for Lister International with ‘Pins’ or ‘Goal Posts’ available to ensure maximum safe loading and security of these types of loads.

Steel tubes or similar in bundles are secured to the flat trailer in the normal way but the goal post ensures that any movement even during loading or unloading, or whilst in transit is contained. Steel section in bundles must be monitored during transport and the goal post system helps to ensure all has been done to secure the load properly. Larger pipe is just placed between the goal posts to form a safe load and then strapped for total load safety.

Logs and 13.6 metre tree sections

The pictures speak for themselves, our trailers will take on your big tree sections for movement to and from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland and France. Trailers with goal posts are always available.

Awkward Oversized Goods

From Helicopter Bodies to Lifeboats or even as pictured here ‘Yokohama buoys’ a flat trailer can offer a quick and effective solution to the transportation of most any goods. Yokohama buoys can also be purchased in black!


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