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Trailering services between the UK & Belguim, Luxembourg, Northern France, Holland & Germany

Vehicles and Trailers

The versatility of the flat trailers goes back to the very first horse drawn trailers from which todays super strong and efficient trailers have grown. Modern 13.6 Metre long Flat trailers with their tri-axle air ride suspension then coupled with a tri axle air ride tractor units move some of the heaviest loads around Europe – keeping the building industry and manufacturing industry supplied with their lifeline of essential consumables – Bricks, Plywood board, MDF, chipboard, building panels and many other building products such as steel section and beams – all the necessities for modern growth.

The Modern Trailer

Super single tyres to spread the load, anti lock braking systems, side guards for added safety, super strong construction, air bags suspension. modern high tensile strapping for extra load security, super efficient container twist locks all lead to the Lister International Flat bed Trailer for modern efficient transport solution.


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